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5 stars
The day I received this was so exciting and thought to immediately that evening to substitute my existing pillow. After the first night of sleep I was ready to permanently dispose of the nuzzle pillow! I looked at the pillow again and this time followed the directions supplied by the developers regarding preparing procedures of the pillow prior to initial use and guess what - stimulating the nano-coil fibres worked LIKE A DREAM! Moral to the story read the directions from the developers prior to using the product, now both my partner and I sleep on clouds! Congratulations to a product that lives up to expectations and beyond - happy peaceful sleeping
- Nic V.
5 stars
Loving the Nuzzle pillow! The medium layer has been super comfortable for me as a back/combination sleeper. The neck support has been great too. The pillow has stayed nice and cool, with the pillow case being a fantastic addition too!
- Rushil P.
5 stars
Extremely comfortable pillow! I prefer a firmer pillow, and I must confess to some scepticism about how firm the Nuzzle pillow might be, having been disappointed by other makes in the past... But no complaints here!The pillow case is also a bonus--its silky smooth finish contributes to a good night's sleep. I attach a photo of said pillows (for I have two), plus my photobombing cat examining them from a safe distance...
- David B.
5 stars
We received our Nuzzle's last week and can already see an improvement in our quality of sleep ! Love the ability to customise height, I'm a stomach sleeper and always struggle to find a pillow that is low enough but still supportive. My husband has even stopped snoring! Can't wait for summer to hit so we can test out the cooling abilities too
- Kate V.
5 stars
I am bear I love human pillow..I will not hibernate without human pillow...human delicious...pillow soft and comfortable..bear recommend pillow
- Gavin H.
5 stars
Pretty excited when this arrived! First night on this and I am hooked. Previous fancy foam pillow is goneski! I'm a side sleeper and have never quite found the right pillow but Nuzzle has filled this void, supportive and soft, nice and cool. I used both inner layers and love it
- Stewart C.
5 stars
This pillow is so soft and comfortable and it is the perfect temperature! No more pillows that get hot and yuck, this stays the same perfectly cool temperature for the entire time! It’s a great size and I am so happy with my purchase. Thanks Nuzzle Team!
- Lisa D.
5 stars
These pillows are amazing. They are so comfortable and always go back into shape. Comes vacuum sealed and was amazing to see them grow in size too. I would highly recommend. I will be buying more if needed.
- Nathan W.
5 stars
I had such a good sleep last night. I started off the night using both the soft and medium layers and quickly noticed that I preferred it lower. I then adjusted the pillow using only the medium layer and it was just right. I love how soft it is and I love how versatile it is. Can't wait to go to bed tonight and can't wait to test its cooling properties in summer!
- George H.
5 stars
Finally received my pillows! First impressions - very soft and love the ability to adjust with the 2 inner layers. After a nights sleep, really liking it.
- Hansen H.
5 stars
Got my pillow today!! Very nicely package with easy to understand instructions. I cannot WAIT to go to bed tonight!
- Howie B.
5 stars
It’s everything nuzzle promised! Love my new pillow and 100% would recommend. Wifey loves it and she wants one too! I’ve tried five other pillows costing just as much including bamboo and memory foam and none compare to this!
- Brendan O.
5 stars
I always find it hard to get the perfect pillow. It needs to be the perfect height and just the right amount of softness. This pillow is perfect!
- Neale O.
5 stars
Finally got my pillows today and am ready for a brand new experience! This has come in a good time all ready for the summer season.
- Andrew Y.
5 stars
Great so far and worth the wait (proud Kickstarter backer). Don’t want to let it go : )
- Georgie S.
5 stars
I followed the instructions to fluff up my pillows and put on the pillow slips. Proceeded to have a great night's sleep. :)
- Marcia K.
5 stars
We received 4 pillows last week. Every member of the family has one and everyone has commented how great their sleep is. These pillows are awesome and if you don't buy one and try it for yourself-you are going to missing out. Do yourself a favour.
- Tony F.


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